winter journeys

(for Tibor Duzda)                                                                                                                    January 2006

Off and way east into these distances
from your protective hell to
some real life mysteries and then back west
travelling through all that snowfall galore far and by
shrouding these on and on stretches
of frozen winter landscapes and
a thousand miles of roads
have a snow and ice and some rare sun shining up brightly
in your winter dreams splash right up
before your living open eyes
into that windshield slash when truck number what
covers you in with those masses of road debris flying
again and again and all over your windshield
so you can’t see for some endless seconds
hold that wheel straight … on this our three lane freeway man tryin’
n’those seconds just don’t want to stop n’ you
just can’t see through it can you stand it
n’is this your journeyin’ truly sincere at all
or is it in fact now merely
just some of your vanities n’ silly games
n’ cheap thrills again man
yes just a little bit more of
that deadly fun so carelessly
and I mean you and you too
who else could I mean yes you an’
‘cause you’re oh so settled down there
you modern trash so handsome and so brave
can you stand it and hold the wheel through it too
and with all the faith you really have
feel with tibor and all those drivers carryin’ on
through this endless freezing hell
can you hold that car straight on
n’ down this winter road tell us
while you know that you’re driving
with some really precious life on board
and it’s fathers mostly and sometimes even mothers too

Through these freezing winter landscapes
we are drivin’ yes – witnesses
and messengers out there and
we’re helping you to carry on with life

So should it ever be getting’ plainly boring to you
n’ some nuisance merely
and you’re just not up to this our game anymore
n’ you take all this just for granted too
but you still better don’t blame it
on the wrong side then mate
and still don’t forget to put
your trust in me buddy
‘cause you be sure I’ll be tryin’ to tell you the truth
yes if you’d still want to know it’s
about these hundreds of settlements bare of nothing also
or are they even thousands
you transplant any “3rd“world ghettoes
n’spread them out there from greece to the baltics
through these EU winters rags an’ bones
and all Roma and hardships you name them
and this should sound a measure for
how far we’ve really been travellin’ down
and I know that you may be
complaining now n’that you were … well
really coming from some better place man and
that this just wasn’t how far you’d
been willing to travel down anyway hey
but this actually is how far we’ve
been riven here and now man and yes
on these winter highways
a hundred times you know
and some more on and on

I’m telling you the truth
about so many of your journeys
have all those trucks cover you in
with some snow n’ ice n’ debris flying
all over your windshield slash
for seconds on endless seconds and you can’t see anymore
again and again n’ many many times more too
and let this be our metaphor in fact
way more than a hundred thousand miles
through those years
and there you’re still driving on
for some street music work in the west and
some little bit of money for a living yes
n’ out of your most dire needs and
with a little hope for your very dearest too

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