World’s Flag

our world’s flag’s just a bloody rag our world’s flag’s a bloody rag will we ever stand up in this our lifetime get together stand up and change it to the better ‘cause world’s flag is a bloody rag can you feel the urgency emergency about to explode? am I the bomb or has it … Read more

new deal

most everywhere sure there’d be troubleabout the deal with me with uncle samn’I’m gettin’ in and I’m shufflin’ up the mob boy be them rogues but they got to be mine most everywhere there’d be troublemy rogues’ve turned cross eyed on men’I’m goin’ in and I mess’em up for good boyy’ want a new gang well … Read more

Call On You (Angels)

1  congratulations – we’ve come really far boy     open your eyes to – this world     felicitations – we’ve done such a great job     look at this mess that’s – our world high expectations – we’ve been really so hotlook at how much we’ve – achieved     future means nothing – unless we … Read more

Brother Con (that the money cometh)

It’s gotten so much better these days  n‘ I see that you are what they want you to be n’ you toeing the line upfront n‘ gettin‘ along  fine n‘ it’s gotten much better these days now I see it’s gotten so much better these days can‘t you see Brother Con So why provoke questions … Read more

hardcore distractions

1       that lame bunch just wouldn’t ever move their sad ass they ain’t got no punch they ain’t got no  class those bums rot away there delivery ‘bout nil              CH : we’re on hard core distractions downright overkill & lies        3x 2       my dim bunch just couldn’t ever tell shit from shit would never understand … Read more