White Carnations For the United States


white carnations for the united states, thanks georgie, open letter to the people of the US
(upon gwb not ruling out military actions against Iran, upon verdicts cases graner /england and new evidence of british abuses, upon some lovers’ roses frosted over in january 2005, and upon the announcement of a new axis, of a new virus, of some new alliances, and of a new playground for terrorism) and with all due excuses to the real lynndie e

dumb us all american kids
yes we don’t know shit
but sure enough we are admired the world over ‘cause
we have invented our lynndie e model inflatable rubber doll
n’ we’re blowing her to maximum catastrophe
as did the nazis
don’t anybody tell me we didn’t know
that some freshly skinned live flesh it was
well I tell you right there that we did

there we are goin’ n’ blowin’ her up
rubber doll lynndie e
us dumb all american kids
mistakin’ some side show for the top act
get ridiculed ’cause we don’t know shit
and sure enough this must be
we’re inflating her to such maximum bull there
dumb us all american kids
goin’ for it just like the nazis did

white carnations for the united states
lynndie e’s such a nice cute flower girl
top scores for her I sure see right ahead
let reality be our dance floor indeed
we’re so fabulous there as we’re jivin’ so keen
sure enough we must squeeze out the very last drop
we’re inflating her to maximum catastrophe
as did the nazis
dumb us most definitely

top scores gotta be up for the bitches and studs boy
white carnations for the usa
let us go and let’s court this lynndie e doll some more
couple’a pictures of some nice tortures and agonies
we’re arousing her to the maximum bull girl
that freshly skinned live flesh we then whip really well
as did the nazis
dumb us all american kids
goin’ for it just like the nazis did

this is an appeal to the ultimate US production company
to finally come up with the inflatable lynndie e top doll definite
and everybody whip her n’ fuck her real good
and of course us first n’most gratefully
this is an appeal to the great american nation
n’sure enough this just gotta be
to really give your very best
and get the suction on good boy
on dumb us all american kids

and thanks george, thanks to make this happen
gotta tell you there you’re the very best
if hard core’s ever meant to mean anything
george wb’s been providin’ us with doll model lynndie e
you’re by far the most able of the candidates george
standin’ for most of that freshly burned skin
n’dumb you poor kid american nation
you’re goin’ for it just like the nazis did
well yes, just as the nazis did

free style on your dumb president n’ his illustrious n’ so magnificent crew, they still think it’s all territorial durchmarsch Irak Iran Afghanistan and so on, stinking hypocritical “darkest corners of our world“ promises in State of The Union …oh well, we got news for you, you poor conceited bastards: you’re  challenging European technology Chinese manpower Indian science plus Pakistan’s bomb up their sleeve, well even Muslim perseverance an’ some African fire, aha gwb that’s pretty hard to beat isn’t it, you don’t wanna mistake every axis for just evil, do you, he’s so fucking dumb that the ridicule is maximum: attacking darkest corner Iran would probably be as disastrously stupid in the long run as Adolf’s Russian ventures, maximum hubris, hey, are you Americans really so poised on that kinda showdown? interdependences may define new strategies, funk up the classical debris, the traditional center, n’ as long as the USA ruthlessly continue to define everybody else as marginal, as merely a frontier territory even, against some imaginary enemy, born from your well deserved paranoia, well then, fuck you! the shuffle is up for new alliances, and this shuffle’s up most definitely, and I’m talkin’ to YOU there you young American kid

your president’s so fuckin’ dumb that the ridicule is maximum
when ‘re you gettin’ rid of this shit?

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