homeland security? well – for whom? let’s insist now & let’s look at this your concern a bit better yes & into your actions too homeland security … well – whose home anyway & land then too & security even what’s your people’s homeland in our americas & do you think it can be somebody’s … Read more

propaganda tune (for US citizen Brown)

propaganda game wherever we’re looking so we’re settlin’ for that all out bull-&-fake diagnosis splendid glamour outright baloney ‘n general blindness in front of a millions a’blue screens with smoke n’ fog n’all dummie drummer blowin’ and spinnin’ with georgie U smile electric n’ with you & me patriots and the whole world full of … Read more

american peacekeepers’ blues

we’ll set you right up in our show for all’em peoples we must set you all up right in place in this parade we must get you upfront for eveveryone to see in this struggle for peace & for freedom & democracy we’ll make them all see your unbelievable madness : we say a hit is a … Read more

bitter creeds  

2004 – 2023 bitter creeds & bloody deeds bitter creeds for those monster gods bloody deeds for cruel demons run havoc off the leash innocent life extinct just because of your criminal schemes your rotten clerics and your blind fanatics leering tell you to do your duty – tell you to go out & kill but … Read more

blind date

blind date in a fraction of our life time a splinter of existence a split second we are on it you & me but earth speaks of a straight solid job & love be some more than just fun can we trust you or must we run a split second we are on it you and me … Read more