Zoo mo’rude … Hamb Zak scorin’ in & a go-goin’ on ‘em torture camps


A Core trials on behalf of – the maimed &
the murdered yo – but in whose court could it be anyway
if it were to be sure & true – & facing the whole world
yes you – as it is & without nothing left out – well then
I’d finally have to admit – that us too yes we’d
been runnin’ it man – must-a have-a had our own hit & run
well we must-a have-a had-a been a-running it
really bad boy even & oh yes … so I ran … I ran

Peasants massacred – kid soldiers looting
& tortures ad lib – & these deads all at the perifay yo
whereas there close to the one Center revolving
we find the way eventually – away from those lost all lost
at the outskirts of them new Euroses – oh well buddy
are you for real? – or are you just some American?
where art thou there & here us too : sincerely Lord
in that Zoo mo’ rude & ‘em torture camps all over?

Indies o’ Pawnies & Core & el N-pacifico solutions
beyond the Chinas – & all the True North’s so hard &
that Sibbyer ice meltin’ go just for a fart in this drama
and ancient currents’deaths tiltin’ it all are just
dead down pound dollar score – US on the home run
we catchin’ you & we droppin’ you on the candid side
in debt galore you are indeed – you god’s own country
go public address – we know so well ‘bout your game
you’ll go bust & us too along with you man ‘cause
in fact at the Center that Hamb Zak is scorin’ in
& we’re in it for the fuel & after the gas
with sum’ fire and steel us US greenback boys
& all that smoke and those showers o’rain
& o’ diamonds in the end yo – & o’ humans’ blood  
on our accounts o’power they blow down – & us
as hard as we can on you money men –
right into your heartland I ran yes & I admit
I musta have-a been a’running it down
all the way to the once clear oceans you know &
in pains too ‘cause an alpha bettin’ master jester’s
scheme bore so heavy on my dreams –
now how much can you pay for?
what about reality hurtin’ so bad then – n’a buck to
the bone – that you lay it all down on His Lamb?
& I  ran yeah … what are you gonna call it
to Your Lamb then all you Christians so jolly man?
whereas the Center is revolving
you warriors there from alpine CH hey
come on now yo we’re listening to you
must-a  have-a  been a-running it down so far
with that sort of a Son of a Gun too

Zoo mo’ rude on She hang high and P duck go viral Zen
zoo mo’rude – yes on all them those there armies
& I admit I had to run when I saw this goliath
come on – but I didn’t give up yet there – oh no
& I ran & in fits & in crazies to shine on there & point
this Shine Zen out to you truly yes – our reality it bein’ too
& there you’ve got me running it again you see 
you suckers – we see you peckers there yes it must be you
& Core trials gone nuclear round to the thick plottens &
you can’t chicken out yes you millions – but you see that
US evil fuck game worse than we’d ever before
witnessed it in these our dreadful times a’smokin’
near the Center we’re cuttin’ their shields & blowin’
their rhino politics – but I’m runnin’ it down & you see it
revolvin’ yes around & we see dragons
& masters & games & goliaths & you too there yep

I are the second to explode A & all ‘em birds flew
& feathers go scurryin’ there & your flu new too
& here we get blown to smithereens & all in
an orchid of fireworks & a rockets & you too yes 
but the Center holds firmly – is a-journeyin’ with me
see some butterfly dancers even gettin’ GMO … 
oh well so I’ve been running it down yo & we’re
spreadin’ it out to you too yes this virus game you see
must-a have-a had-a go-go too & the crucial idea is
that – it really musta been released by you – we see

But those disgusting scalp-hunters & skinners
and greedy scavengers & cut-throats & more too
& all ‘m millions a murderous billies & sallies are
a’screamin too loud to the Lord & to you peoples too  
well pampered kids sneering at all the real figures
& they go burnin’ & lootin’ on the edges here too 
all’m broken souls’ perifay bogeys & glizzy
glam stars & stripes & hype galore shooting too
& on your homerun we score & stop you poor phoneys
& you smelly mercenary gun sharks too
& chews-a-jaws USA yes – we let you go blow up
& you splash like champagne from the bottle too
& you explode with a lotta cheers & public relations
& some perifay bogeys & hey you say so SSis too
& drama & poops & smoke & you better Zoo mo’rude
you oh so well prospering there USA hey!

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