WB entries: heavy hard core fists in the wait ( gee double U be pimp so splendid)


those dirty infamous usurpers all cocksure
n’ right up in my very face here
in our god’s own country by the majority of your votes
so magnificently confirmed in office
yes they who’d keep lecturing human rights to the rest
of our world wherever but just elsewhere
while they’d always be the ones themselves
who’d lay the most o‘em all to waste everywhere
who’d even go to war again grand n’we’d have
to keep on watchin’ it in the news every night
that it really all just had to be n’d be going on
n’on in our great human rights’ name
well we know academic style arguing it’s
always been their favourite field too yeah
so those bloody cocksuckers’ sarcasms’ farce
we’ve just had to witness in hot panama hey
and some sad spectacle of a dirty mercenaries’
top travel agent’s oh such sleazy advertising
n’ let’s take another tropical place say beach surfin’
in guantanamo bay ‘n hey the tide rising
n’ that flushing down the crapper of the
holy word proper even n’in those desert nights
some juicy adventures with abu ghraib’s hot
girl power charms too how much can U lay down
but mainly it’s been just a clever pimp gang
an’ a pretty stupid sort a’ mob givin’ a hand
in god’s own country some real sharp con men
they’re oh such illustrious leaders for you man
yes in this your land of the free let’s just
watch them bringin’ it all the way down to here yes
as they’re pimping uncle goebbels to you
n’ with a lotta bucks n’some funky colour tubes too
pandering it to you the american people
n’ please tell us we want to know is it really true
that they’re pimping down so very hard there
n’ they’re pimping it on such a lot of you
so a few more lines we put in for their so devout
n’ so gallant kind n’your jolly surrender too
before then we’ll blow them to space an’ it’ll
be very grand yes n’ man let me tell you

that’s so much for this your modern glamourman
o gee double you be pimp so splendid ‘n
his presidential veto so humane against
McCain’s torture ban amendment that he’d intended

death penalty exe-cute champion methodist he’d been
yes as a governor of the state of texas
as a toughest president of the USA now
n’ as the president of the most advancedest
christian democracy we’d god ever seen yes
he’s in fact taking us all for his very hostages
so about torture we’d been listening to
george W man n’ to this great teacher’s true  messages

this one of our advancedest democracies
the great USA god bless ‘em
they’re just screaming for help there and
we truely mean screamin’ man
n’ it can hardly get any much worser ye’all
n’ this I sincerely do believe yeah
‘cause his is some of the foulest governing that
this god’s own country has ever seen

but who just could be spurring a true change
in such a god ugly mess
will it be you and me there all up again
n’ just gently with words oh yes
be it hip hop or some mean rock man
or any other dirty old mother
some hardest style battle down
some baddest stone core jive ever
hey will it be us n’ that means come on
let’s better act now me and you
n’ with just a little bit’ a’ help of
our dear brothers and sisters too

n’ a lotta heavy hard core fists in the wait
n’ they’re all ready there n’I’m sure
to come out man finally and they’d all
be testifyin’ n’ yes even me and you
so will it ever be us again n’ with a little
help of our dear friends then too
we’d all be comin’ out there n’ just testifyin’
n’with some honest word yes and then
those heavy hard core fists still
in the wait until now there
those heavy hard core fists yo we’ll get them
to move right up in the air
yes n’ it just must be with some true love too

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