crusader campaigning


“I feel like the flame & you all are the moths” yes
& haven’t we been feeling like moths ever since …
& then on:
”the real answer is found in the hearts of decent caring people
who have heard the call to love their neighbors
as they would like to be loved themselves”
& yes here I’m just quoting GWB and
his true blue “compassionate conservativism”
from some seven years ago when he’d be campaigning
& meanwhile it should have become clear that he’s
been as caring & as compassionate as could be …
and I must confess we have really been
feeling loved in his heart so very much …
so in those times I’d write something like the one below
but then I felt it was probably grossly exaggerated –
well now I let you be the judges:

”god save our planet from GWB office
worst case is not just a word
that devil’s most charming good old boys’ darling
is getting all the credit he needs
from the firm and the clan and all the GOP sheep
may god save our planet indeed

forget all your rights and your wrongs
good bye all your storm watch songs
poor people’s dire hopes going all up in smoke
bushfires be haunting the scene … “

& this guy also said that he was going
to “restore dignity to the White House”  – oh well
so I continued:
”devil’s most charming good old boys’ darling
and this is the real neo-cons’ con game
would rake it in for big business and the clan and the firm
& then worst case is not just a word
millions starving … bleeding … dying …  –  oh well & so what
– but you’re killing the song
if you strangle the bird –
& from GWB office may god please save
our poor tortured planet indeed” …

so now that you’ve finally got
the senate and the house back
we really hope you put it to good use at last
let the word “compassion” that’s
been stolen by these brazen rogues
now regain at least a bit of its real meaning –
& oh yes what about “democracy” then too
& you stand up & help us stop this
obscene insanity running wild – its not just a comedy
& you preserve what little there’s left to be preserved
& let’s hope it’s not too late for us all
& it’s congress instead of con-greed

(in fact we’re all dearly looking forward
to this year’s state of the union address…)

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