tough enough

2001 – 2023

now that you wake up to being
just some average
rich spoiled hip kid on dope
look around you what do you see
I know you’re not the only one to blame
all over here we’re looking pretty much the same

now that you wake up to
some little bit more
better don’t fall asleep again mate
the requirements can be pretty tough you know
and shouldn’t you make some real move now
well then better get lost in your pipedreams
even just on sleepers this is going pretty rough
but for dreamers on dope it must be I mind you
for that kind of dreamers it must be too much
for those dreamers it’s really just a little too tough

you find yourself lost way out on the odd side
and you’re told that you’re just not tough enough
so you rich spoiled average hip kid on dope
can you see your soap opera popping
those bubbles all a-blast
what d’you got left at last
and do you think you’ll ever be
tough enough

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