Times of Glory in America


what just is this slashin’ down on us & wants us dead
& is blowin’ us up by some numbers
so we’re screaming in your fires & in your wars
so holy everywhere right now you believers
well look at American homeland security
such patriot acts as spying on & conning your own
so will we be heard anywhere who really cares
now as we’re dying by the numbers and more

meanest machine ever conceived in any culture
we’re talkin’ of true demons & ghouls here
but partially visible only still for some strategic reasons
it’s the nature of this kin’a love-game
the most aboriginal terror of our times lies in but
these premonitions & fears just only yes
so can we be heard anywhere who really cares
now as we’re dying by the hundreds and more

I’m musing & enthusing about all these nice
gruesome things yet to come & about what
this screaming outrage & horror of US power
corporate may still be able to unleash & launch
down on this our one and only naked human world
yes yours and mine & with shock and awe
so will we be heard who really cares as
we’re dying meanwhile by the thousands and more

yes these all-christian terrorists stalking the oval office
& they’re slaughtering the very child
and under this their rogue reign any freedom
and democracy & any gospels have long passed
you people all there you’d even had a chance to
start thinking finally and handle a vote but
you really couldn’t hear us screaming
by the hundreds n’even thousands & more or could you

but you just blew it & in this most genuine
all American carelessness and sense of entitlement
you even confirmed these guys in office yes
you really did this & I couldn’t believe it then
but now you’re still cheering these ghostly
criminal bloodsuckers in our poor humanity’s neck
so can you hear us now & screaming here in
your wars & dying yes by the thousands & more

democratically elected & confirmed in these times
but we hear talking of fraud & deception
so you’re calling them your presidents & governments
& great leaders & heroes & the like
you brave American boys & girls now you’re
hostages of this legally installed conspiring mob
are you drumming with the general propaganda
some even call it all-American brown-shirting
are you marchin’ as one nation’o blinds
under god & some oddly stained stars & stripes too

so let’s tell you y’all you better get it together now
n’get rid of this eerie spook pretty quick
or some young radical muslims’ arguments
maintaining that liberal democracies have all lost
may sure enough even prove true in this
your especially sad case down here our dear USA
well can you hear us as we’re being liberated
n’in afghanistan & abu ghraib & guantanamo too

all this pathetic shame in the face of modern media
& that you’d really considered nukin’ Iran
these your cunning manipulators’ criminal war games
can you hear us you good christians all
they’re still bein’ exposed to the whole world
& made public although we know they certainly
rather had us silenced & murdered & even burnt
& all blown to kingdom come yes if need be

but here & now they’re gonna get out-ed yes
I’m all positive they’re gettin’ stomped right
into any moral or ethical common ground &
these all-christian terrorists who’re stalkin’
the oval office here I promise you they’ll get
out of there soon & they’ll have to be facing the spirit too

& this their real dreadful war here man they’ll have
to explain yes n’us all we shall be heard too
as we’re screaming in your fires here
& dying by the hundreds and even thousands and more

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