Rhymin’ by Numbers

for some gangsta&pimp rappers                    2010-2023

Hey – this is a shoot-out … so –  Come on now
U sad sucker – & This means
Get out of your foul –  jerk-off seat number what
Stand up to me – U sorry Rapper
N’for all this your – so high gangsta dope
& Fuckin’ fly – so funky
So dynamite rhymin’ – & Dissin’ by numbers rhyme too
You’re a pussy – yo man
‘Cause it seems – you’re all greed
& rhymin’ just to the sales figures beat
U rhymin’ by numbers
U sick from so much dope pimp head
So high up there – We’ll see U in a rush
& flyin’ to hell fast – U dope prick
U real cosmic – U dim sleazy pimp
U smelly gangsta – Go sitting it out
On us in your juices – All bobbin’ there
In your posh plush – Number what
Jerk-off seat – Getting it on nicely to the machine
Cashin’ in big by numbers
You’re all greed – well isn’t it a fact?
You’re all greed – all greed – all greed
All those diamonds raining – & Platinum crosses
& teens floatin’ down through
Your cock-tail dreams – N’ sure enough
Way up there in this your
So pathetic & ignorant slime yes
In this your jack-off-mind – you’re all greed
Just full of this “crystalline touch”shit – all the time
So lots more of
This stupid sick ass rhyme crap
Is gonna come flyin’ my way – it must be
Comin’ in – From U fuckin’ moron chap
U sick from so much snow dick head
We’ll see U in a rush – & flyin’ to hell fast
U dope prick so high
U capital F-prick with all
Your odd bitch numbers … you’re oh so thug
You’re just gonna sit me out hey – is it that
What U’re sayin’ – on this mystery tour
In your juices there …– Or aren’t you? – Aha … gangsta …
What seat number are U – rotting away in – anyway?

This is really cuttin’ in deep
It may even mean – that there go all
My noble ambitions – but anyway
Come on now … count:  zero … 1 …2
Can you geek follow me?  3 – & there go
all noble ambitions 4 U &
For teens & twelves & even  9 / 11…
To 13-lives-cat (still!) slaver states …
Are U ever gonna get this –
Get it together again – 39 … 52
Cos’ U – you’re sittin’ thru this – in
Those hot bitch juices – &
You’re countin’ me out  8  – Yes
for just light weight & – It’s true I am
Gonna die small fry  7  – U havin’ me on
Thinkin’ I’m – Outta lines – trash
Just outta sight – eventually
Oh well man – I don’t give up yet  6
Still rhymin’ & insistin’
On liberated minds – even liberated sex
Of all things – But U – you’re still
Just all greed – all jive
So let’s better look out – here comes  5
&  4 is for true libido yes – &
Can U see those  3s &  2s all over
Getting together now?

They’re gettin’ together for – some number 1 yes:
Which …
Surprise …surprise! – isn’t U – no …
Number  1 is not U: …‘cause
Number one is – that pivotal point
Where love – & art – & politics meet &
Inspire our lives – may bring them to fruition
& This is the true meaning of
Libido & freedom of spirit even – means
U & me getting’ together now …
Aha U dirty mobster – now you’re sneering!
What’s there LEFT for me to say then – in our times?
Zero? Really  zero … ?
Well – aren’t we getting
A bit old for that job now – or are we – huh?
Well – come on now U ho’s – won’t
U call for just a little bit more than be called just ‘bitch’?
Is that all ? – I can’t hear you –
Hear you asking for some better rap
Yes – come on now daddy
Aha …here we go again … finally … sister!

As granite-rock crystal – so hard am I now
& Sound & unwavering
U can’t just discard me – get rid of me
Do away with all this – ‘cause
in Sub-Siberian temperatures I’m cooking U
U fat sucker – & I’m mockin’
Your so sad – & no love at all rhymes
& All that crystalline line greed
Still distilled & installed – instead
Of true love – in your sick
From so much snow dick head
We’ll see U in a rush – flyin’ off to hell fast
U dope prick – so high out there
So what is this your rhyme flowing for now?
For real libido? – We’d figured for freedom of spirit?
For love?– for art?
For politics even?
& With this requirement we’re keeping it
Right on & true
But U … oh well … just look – at yourself now
How do U keep delivering?
Oh well – is there any political awareness still
Accessible to U at all?
U poor pussy dope sucker pimp head
You gunner goner gone stale prick
Just what have U crackass – rotten gangsta carcass
Got 2 say 2 that now?

Well … : “We’re just gonna sit it out – s’long’s
This cash that’s flowin’ in
So nicely – Just isn’t slowin down!” …

Is that all? – Is that your kinda flow?
Hey this is a shoot-out
Come on now – U sad sucker –
This means: get outta your
So foul jerk-off seat number what
Right now yes – U sorry rapper
‘Cause for all this your – so high
Gangsta dope & fuckin’ fly
So dynamite rhymin’ by numbers rhyme flow
You’re a pussy
We’ll see U flyin’ to hell fast yes
U poor pussy dope sucker pimp head on snow
Just rhymin’ by the cash machine beat & by the lines
Yo bloke – you’re – Just rhymin’ by numbers – so …

Line  1 means we see – U diddlin’
Your jewel-studded doodle-da
Diddle ding-dong for those shots & takes
Line  2 says we see more
Of U so hot & randy & sportin’ &
Showin’ off  3 bitches on U at least &
Get 4 & so many more
Hooked on your grand braggado-raps
& Yes – you’re so gangsta drive that  5 up
U jive to our dumb bitch heads 6 so
We’re droolin’ for your sex &
7  boggle our puppy mind to hip-hop heaven
U havin’ us on – thug dawg  8 yo &
U sniff these white crystal lines’
A-go-go rhymes  9 with
A fat break beat past  10
U pimpin’ us up slowly
Past  11 even – Way out past  12 you’re pumpin’ us
To  teens turnin’ gangsta – & Crime in the streets
U pathetic rapper – Rap all night long
Go cashin’ in so recklessly street down
U battle all right &
U shotgun on – U sad prick – but
It’s all up your poop hole really
U poor dim witted gangsta pimp – it’s
Just carnage obscene by now
Yes – go on doin’ it – To yourself
With all your street credibility
U sissy rap pussy creamin’ –
U capital F prick pimp with
Your diamond & platinum bitch numbers’
& Do-it-to-yourself rhyme-&-cash flow
Parade in your mighty dope gangsta
‘Hell & paradise’ show yo – But then:
Line number  xxx-thousand means:
haven’t U – Da-diddle-da-doodled
Your dick ego enough yet too?

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