Our Children’s Blues (circle poem)

2010 – 2023

# 1 : So when did we last
walk barefoot along an
old gravel road in spring yes
& feel all that sand & the pebbles
& rough-edged stones too
work hard into our soles – which were
still soft from the comforts of winter
… or when did we last – hey climb up a tree then
so high to – these curly – twigs’ twists
& leaves’ whispers
… or last did – say – drift there & pedal along
all down some green river’s
swift whirls round the rocks
… or last watch a heron on the outlook stand upright
so grey & so lonesome in that early dawn’s mist &
as if yes – just elevated – above this light haze there
suspended all over – vast meadows’ damp breath
… & when did we last – say count yes – a cuckoo’s
woo cuckoo calls – oh well it’s been years since …
… hey man – so you tell me now – just when
did you last …
or is this mere history … vain memory yes …
& has it then ever
let me guess … maybe never
at all really happened to you?

# 2 : So – when did we last watch a butterfly up
from the ground then fly – & land on our hand
even stay here for a while – wings folding – unfolding
… & when did we last then float in – the eye of a pond
all broodin’ – under a high sun a-blaze on
this hot summer day in july
& then see an adder coil by – just a yard from
our lazy sway – on dark ripples …
… or last watch a kite’s sudden break – away from
its long patient circles of intent there
& steep-dash down – flash
yes ever so faster – under gravity’s spell
& beam along fixed
on its eyesight’s lead – & seize
its unsuspecting prey which
had no chance to run – hide away anywhere
& you tell me now – did we hear
the bird neigh then triumphantly
oh you tell me – just when – did we last …
… or haven’t we ever – really been there indeed
come on yes you tell me – now have we in fact
experienced – say – any such thing yet at all?

Chorus : … & when did we last
yes you tell me – then look in
our own children’s eyes
& can we stand up here
& speak now – with any authority at all?
as WE are – our own children’s blues yes
their very blues WE are indeed

# 3 : So when did we last
there stand at some roadside
in a dark winter night
so frozen & stiff in this flurry of snow
& desperately hitch for a very last ride
just minutes ahead of the upcoming storm &
in such a way – or similar – then cross
this whole continent there
in less than hundred hours from the west
to the east
through god-blessed lands yes
round christmas time too
through blizzards & ice
& right beside us
our guardian angel on the alert all that time we’d
be roaming these thousands of miles on & on &
arrive in New York then at last
& bathe in its lights yes – &
to us it appeared like this
very City on the Hill
so this must have been our
American dream – it
would cast all its spells
all its glamorous charms
right down on us yes
then & there man &
for good – so we didn’t have a chance
but to fall for it all – cause
the very sheer seduction this Big Apple was
well haven’t you fallen – for this then as well?

# 4 : But spirit has still yes
at long last let me tell you
now gathered up again
& cast off some illusions
& we have in fact re-mustered now
& regained our strength & our skills too
our soul of a journeyman strong – so this
has sent us down here now standing
at frozen lone roadsides again
on the run yes once more – but this time then off to
some pagan shores – & look
we’ve just flagged another ride down
at this very moment – right out
of this country so god-blessed
we’re zooming through blizzards & ice now

# 5 : & when were we last
now called up for our help
right next to some poor folk there dying
their hearts ripped all open so mercilessly
their souls all broken by our machinery so cold
& we would stand by – all helplessly
& witness their naked human agony there
however their very last breath then – expired
will always remain – a cry to our duty so piercing
yes for us to take over – & keep up the strife &
just don’t give up the fight yet

# 6 : So if we – then open our ears & our hearts
& even our souls to these words now
so clear here to hear oh – but
I’m certain we’ve still
not really heard them at all
nor have we understood a great deal
bout all these poor people there suffering
they’re millions all over the world yes for real
who’ve never experienced any pastimes like ours
like modern art – or then poetry even
been too busy dying in our fires

# 7 : So will we ever try – yes you & me too
& will we ever lend – our ears to their screams
& truly give our best – put in our strength
& all we ever have – yes all that we wish for
& all that we want – & all that we long for
we care for – & all that we stand for – & all that
we love yes – believe in – we search for – we crave for
we toil for – put up our lives for – would die for
cause we know – we can’t make this just petty
just mean & – just cheap & – just smelly old world
we can’t let this one song – go stale on us now
it really is our very last resort – as we
return to the core – get true to the word
which is rock bottom blues – yes rock bottom blues
& that’s not just a fad – it’s us
yes us who can see it – in our children’s faces
it’s us who – can hear it
in their screams yes – please open
your eyes & your ears
& open your souls too
let them – let our children
now grace this our blues
so insufficient as it is yet so far – if
at last we stand up now
yes one more time we get up &
speak out & cry out for our children
cause they are our future &
we better believe it
& raise our voice – & lend it to them now
& stand up for our children – you too!

Chorus :

# 8 : Political leaders – those parties – oh well
just tall stories most of them yes –
been proven all foul – all lies
but we – we’re still standing here strong
& if this means shouting
means roaring then even – oh well
we’re belting it out – our children’s is the future
yes theirs is our voice – give everything we’ve got
& give it to them – yes this is their world
our kids’ is the future – we better believe it
but then – look around
their plight is the sheer screaming nightmare

# 9 : So open your eyes – & open your ears &
let’s open our hearts – to their ordeal so real
& thus to our own poor history here cause
it’s all just mere blues
this blues of the bleeding & live human soul
& let our future generations be the ones who
conjure up the poetry for – our lives & this song

# 10 : Speak up for the lost
speak up for the suffering
speak up for the dying
speak out for the essence of human life
of our true nature – of human strife – as we
can see it – in these our children’s faces
in their eyes
as we’re singing out history current
for all these wretched & lost ones
whose history would
go unrecorded as yet – yes were
it not for us here
now screaming it out in this blues
we beg you – yes you here – please help us
join in here finally – we beg you
get up yes – you too

# 11 : Scream out now – stand up for our kids – for
our very own life we cry out if we do
go screaming – go belting – as loud as you can
cause this is our true nature – yes – no denying
we really all are – our own children’s blues … so
forgive us if we ask now:  just when did we last
stand up really strong – & yes with some cause too
this brand new revolution as – our very last resort
our fists now way up in the air – but ready to open
for this long time struggle –
that’s there in the wait too
for all this endless – laborious toil to take on

# 12 : & when did we last – now you tell me
then venture – to still sing – & celebrate life
& dance with this – our lost generation
clap hands & rejoice – & work up some sweat
are sympathy & mercy now – just words extinct?
& how about jubilant joy then even?
& have we forgotten:

Just when we did last …
repeat # 1 and # 2  and chorus

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