love for this our one only world we must truly feel (well how about my love for you too?)

2006  – (PS in 2023)

As we are running it all down to the core rotation &
you know we are some men of honour
and we’re telling you right here
that we know we’re going to be questioned
about us – about U & me
it’s about our great fuck here
as this has been the big issue nowadays
with us US-American poor suckers anyway

What can we get away with
in these our rotten & murderous times
n’ how much can we rake in
we – the one & only god’s own country
a nation of millions ’a voices out here & yellin’
n’ lovers us all yes too I know & so great, man
aren’t we in this land o’ the brave on god’s side ?

Just how far lower down can we get here anyway
oh so pathetically
& still get away with it
on how much more must we claw down
and make all the others pay for it
how much more must we waste & destroy ?

& what can we claim then man finally ?
in that nice comedy  – theatre a bit risqué indeed
dreadful reality play with ours and yours
& some over a billion ‘n more real personal records too
us poor US-American all egomaniacs lost on this planet
collectively here in miserable innocence YEP !

So you’ve voted for this your government
& you’ve voted for this incredibly foul game too
& you’ve fallen victim to this your cheapest
and smelliest kinky smokescreen ever employed
you’re the ones to blame yes ‘cause at the direst
of all moments so far in this planetary world
you just went for that stupidest short cut to dead end
n’all those wars too yes U my Americans
and it’s just such an incredibly ultra foul game
U’d go for yes U my poor American patriots
plainly embarrassing administration you’d  fall for
and vote for n’even for a second term in office
In American history GWB is bound to go down
as the worst and by some several lengths too
And these times so nice & proper
as the fucking foggiest times we’d ever really had to endure YEP !

But these are some observations to be made
by just about anyone’f m’all true lovers in this our time
as they’d still like to reach out to some more
& yes to some other true lovers and U & me too
yes to all these lovers in the USA and everywhere else too
& let this be straightened out for U
LOVE we must feel for our world
& even for U all these US-American fuckers
& whoever else warfarin’ too

And if we don’t then we’d just better get lost
(yes & anyway & even for this gee walker slime walkin’)
‘cause love for this our one & only world we must feel yes
‘n this means : for even the USA too ! YEP !

PS in 2023 : gee walker slime easily topped by the donald
and again by several lengths then too –
hail hail you Repugnuglycans !

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