God’s own country & other grandiose claims

2006 – 2023

Living in this country now how are we feeling
as we’re accounting for those wounded & killed
& maimed bodies & souls
& for firin’ it up with high-tech
& top level collusion smokin’
here more than anywhere else –
hey, look around, well this planet
has turned into a hell made by us

Just name a few of these ballbuster movies &
a few of these killer blues we’re cashin’ in on …
so what’s our God’s true name then actually
is it power or greed or is it lies or just blunder
or is it our sheer drunken vanity crashin’ down on us
& trashing our nation’s best morale
or are we merely trippin’ & lost
& all crippled here yes in this
our Christian USA of today?

We must adress all of us –  our well civilized Americans
sending off all these young soldiers
from this bold God’s own wilderness
so trigger-greedy down on the run in our war machine
what kinda love game are we inflicting
on the rest of our poor world then my young top guns?
where just did we learn this our trade so well
hey U cowboys and marines on the rampage?

& of course your God-ordained leaders didn’t want then – and still don’t
to have these ‘collateral damages’ recorded – leaked – outed
by some Mannings and Assanges internationally &
then called by their real name : plain war crimes

So now there are a couple of names just to remind U of
some places & your deeds there notorious
have they been committed in camp number what in Afghanistan
or Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo too yes ?
or could it have been in Kabul now or Baghdad every night or  … may it happen
in Teheran some day even …
or could it be in ? … oh well we
let U finally name the place then
hey U you my dear US stooges

Oh yes & how bloody holy we are gonna be right here
& me & you too & of course so God-blessed
& us in New York & LA here even too meanwhile now or in
our Washington & Fort Langley for decades already say
where we’ve been corrupting the media & science & religion
& truth & the one living body & soul &

We are still hangin’ on to this murderous game
& are sportin’ some tortures n’massacres as
entertaining & encouraging on-line shows even …

But then of course : hasn’t there been this long noble tradition of yours
that lynch lawin’ clawin’ & kkk-clan’in
& what you’d do to the black & the red
& hasn’t this even been fuelin’some of your dream factory’s
most successful hit movies as well ?
& here you’re doin’ it again to the bloody rest of them now
& way out all over the world too
& your young soldiers there & all those innocent victims are dying
& more so at present than many times before

But mind U there’s still some colour of uncorrupted life radiating
& penetrating this most ugly mess yes – or isn’t it there for sure ? – so
even U & me could feel addressed yes – & be moved to join in ? –
join in in this real colour-of-life-game then &
stand up to it at last too – prove true to its essential duty as well ?

Yes now : whoever we may be in the end then – me here
or you my dear Americans so cock-sure there – & I must – I can’t help – must
address all of us yes – yes all of you US-Americans – ‘America First’ – but
the whole majority of peoples all over the globe as well – I just have to :

If we’re still some bold believers really
& all the way through these our dark
& vicious times too …
times of lions – which in vile ancient spectacles
devoured true believers
or in our times o’ just hyenas drooling
over present day’s most abundant prey – but if
we believers are still hangin’ on & hangin’ on so
sincerely to the right Christian spirit …
well, hasn’t indeed that one spirit been the one
the one we thought we could claim for us all – or didn’t we ?
well hasn’t this kind of spirit then truly have led those US soldiers
on our holy crusade in general & especially of course there then
when they’d been firing on pregnant women & on children
& other poor civilian folks as well – in
some Ishaki & down in Haditha  too ?

Once more : of course your God-ordained leaders don’t wish
to have these ‘collateral damages’ recorded – leaked – & outed
by some Mannings and Assanges & then internationally recognized even
for what they were & thus called by their real name : plain war crimes !

Now ?  …  …   well, let’s just shrug all of this away,
our dear Mister President George Dubya Bush
we’re sending you off – on some promotion tour to Europe
& have you congratulate there these far less scrupulous – these so called
more ‘willing’ eastern states – Poland & Rumania – which just recently’d been
released from Soviet yoke – what irony there ! –
for their support & for installing their own torture prisons
so long as public outrage in the so called ‘Old Continent’
didn’t force the CIA to eventually move those poor victims
from here down to Egypt – a reliable ally
yes, so much less scrupulous – & way more ‘willing’ indeed
to perform that required ‘special rendition’ on them …

Now here then ? Or there ?
Here & there we’re hangin’ on to life or
to whatever we want to call this in
our morally so clean & so utterly Christian USA of today there
& here of course too, in this most splendid ‘New Europe of the Willing’  …

Well U yes – yes U say : what are these human lives
our most precious lives then – our lives of people daring
to speak out loud indeed – to speak out truth
to speak out as members – conscious & responsible – of
our global community these days …
so what at all now are then human lives
really worth anyway?

PS 2023 : in solidarity with Julian Assange

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