eternal wheel

2013 – 2023

eternal wheel turn
you churn out generations
yes trillions of individuations
& yours & mine too
an infinite explosion
of pure love you are
of countless sparks of life
our own strife – our toil
just a fraction so minute in this game
from conception to
our graves in dark soil we progress
just come for one lesson
live strong & love hard
& give our best
all the way to the end
until we burn up
eventually fade
yes when it is time to
come full circle then finally
return to the hub – to the axis
which is pure LOVE
& lay down our burden
let the wheel take its toll
& reap what it’s sowed
& add to its boundless account now
our own humble contribution
let go then – accept all this magic &
this miracle too
come home to the wheel – eternally turning
eternal wheel turn
go burn phoenix burn
yes then we might rise from the ashes too
who knows? – for another flight there
in this infinite explosion
of countless sparks of life
of trillions of individuations

but while we are kicking
it strong in our strife here
let’s crunch down these trillions
to thousands – to hundreds
these hundreds to twens &
to teens now alive on this earth &
we know what they’re worth
we know what we owe them
& don’t we ever cow yes ’cause
it’s now or never – to stand up &
to fight through this night –
our future generations will carry it on
we give them a chance – stay cutting edge man
& all the way down through this darkness –
& daybreak reward then our stand
& chances are truly –
they’ll make it real grand &
we’ll always be cheering for them there
our sons & our daughters
& let’s be their brothers & sisters in arms –
yes you go on chanting this message
& you preach this light: nobody’s night
will go on forever

eternal wheel turn – we trust you
you’re churning out lives
& burn phoenix burn –
we rejoice as we return to the axis
we’ve seized our one only chance here
lived strong & loved hard
& even if we haven’t completed it
in this universe – we might take
a flight – & see you again in
the one just next door

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