gulf romance

2010 – 2023

how can there be romance
in a world like ours?
where there’s corruption all over the place
& any true concern’s just ridiculed
our language gone to bad – abused for manipulation & deceit
perception all blurred – all slurred – all blinded by media overkill & fake
they’re drumming up the pitch – of what the pack’s supposed to yell
reality’s defined – by big business interests & greed
& watch out : yes fossil fuel corporate power is the key word indeed
we’re tied up in combustion –  our party’s just brimming
so predatory wars here and there – to control the resources
are common currency now – in these bloody reckless
plain cut-throat deals …

but no crooks’ triumph – over some other rogue’s doom
shall help us in the end – &
our bets that we – might have placed in this game
we better write them off – they’re lost …

so you tell me now :
how can there be romance – in a world like this?
we must’ve picked just the wrong number
this baby ‘Romance’ don’t live here no more

& should you not – believe this – deny it even – oh well – you
be sure – it’ll be called by – its right name then – some day
will show its true face – so we all will then be able to see
these reptile-soul fellas all over the place yes – who’re
in charge of power – & in
the name of the people even – that sham’s called democracy now – in
our age of abundance – of ever growing sense of entitlement
with institutionalised distraction from – any duties based on ethics
yes this pack that we see now on the helm – are getting
away with it unchallenged – undisputed
plain matter of fact it is – we better don’t argue too much – so
they keep having their field days galore
go on to rake it in yes – in grandest style ever
& screw it all up – so swell in their executive prowess there
those real live weapons – of mass destruction – &
we keep learning all this scam on TV these days
& just the other night too – so in this particular issue here
I’m sure that you know what I mean
you won’t need any dictionary – to have this mess explained
all too plain to see it is there
in the gulf – round the ole’ Mississippi Delta
so we’re sure it will be called by its right name:

our Lady America it is – & pimped down there so well
& all our clientele just – some tiny bit worried – but then keep on leering
& cheering along anyway – keep feeding those corporate fat cat pimps
who have us just lick her all over

if the true kind of human soul were cosmically (materialized in our very times?) &
sufficiently – I say – in-‘corporated’ – conjured up
& captured – conveyed – in this one image – most vile & obscene
then Lady America would go spreading her divine
( republican? democrat? ) well perfumed prostitute’s legs – yes so
invitingly also that – we’d see some hot ( Southern? Texas? ) twat itching
lewd belly all dancing – horizons & nipples there rippling
& creamy thighs stretching – way over these oil rigs – these guns firing
& all the way over there our brave boys too – so far out & past these gulfs
( of Mexico? or even Persian? Or South Chinese sea? )
& wiggling those her heels are – those toes going a-go-go &
the naked flesh – we see pulsating – glistening
& waves of husky laughter come blowing in ( from you?
from Teheran? Jerusalem? Beijing too? ) – would unlock
most un-inhibited forces ( armies? the next war? modern love? )
& balling & flashing & splashing go those oily hips – we see now
this ( White House? Wall Street? Pentagon? us even? )
this our Lady America bitch most devotedly screwing …

& all this would also – stand witness to
our most immaculate ( Guantanamo? ) statesmanship – as
we’re pimping ( Abu Ghraib snuff? ) to these drugged out
so hip & so cool ( gasoline? Tele-news? ) junkies
& this be the reason in the first place – why these killers in
the ( Christian? Hebrew? Muslim? ) name of (…)

I really don’t know … oh yes – I’m serious
I swear I really ( blowjob! ) don’t know – why we
( democracy? kleptocracy? sheer lunacy? )
should wish to have these master terrorists round here
( in the? from the? Middle East – to central Asia : blunder –
but then from fossil fuel corporatia? … well yes – in collusion with
the US power machine most likely )
and all this in blatant abuse of the name of some sonufabitch (…)
& are we serious – Lady America prostitute, really ? – &
to even just be considering then we’d be on any (…’s) side?
& really? – all this in the name of (…) ? – oh well …

& now – in our news – once again – these pictures from the Delta
oh yes – just the other ( holy? unholy? ) night too
so I’m sure that – you know what I mean
you won’t need – any dictionary to have this one explained to you
I’m sure that it’s all plain to see
we’re oiling up – our most willing Lady’s gulf – so lavishly
hey (…’s) own country – you ‘Land of the Free’
you’re getting licked – & all over in flesh now indeed – on (…’s) side
& we – we most happy consumers complicit – we’re doing
our very best job in this game – we have
her spread these her legs – far out over – horizons & oceans
we’re pimping our ( American way of life’s? ) – & this
very noble & seasoned – our Lady whore’s most irresistible sex appeal – to
the planet-wide insatiable greed – the greed of the less
than one percent lucky bastards first of all – of those
most successful & unscrupulous profiteers in this vile game so far & to
their greed of course to continue their most reckless criminal raid …
however to the greed of the billions of have-nots as well – the hopeless greed of all
those frustrated & abused sorry losers – who’re merely on stand-by
there watching this most seductive display – this
our Lady America hoe’s very juicy – yes this her absolutely succulent show

how can there be romance – in a world like this?
you’ve picked the wrong number – you fossil fuel drunken fools
this baby ‘Romance’ don’t live here no more

so fuel-driven still our deeds
we’re hooked & – we might even try to fulfil some day
what those allegedly ‘holy’ books &
their phoney prophecies – have laid out
most blood-drunken creeds in – the name of our (…)
& you tell me please – just when did we
last have any questions about that most important issue ?
& have we ever truly ventured in the name of this (…)
name of any (…)
name of some (…)
& are we really serious – to even just consider it?
so let alone mean it – that this ultra-criminal game be – in the name of the one (…)?
as if truth were merely – our privileges here enforced
these pleasures – we crave for – we race for
&’re ready to send – our soldiers – to fight for – to die for
were really the will of any (…) ?

I watched the news again
on TV – just the other night
now I’m sure that you know – what I’m talking about
we don’t need any dictionary so academic
for this kind – of hard core pornography
we’re so certain that it is
all plain to see – so easy to understand
so let’s have – a last look for now – at our Lady America abused so pitifully
who’s reeling & getting it on so juicily – at the hands of these pimps
down there at the seaside – round the delta – where
the Mississippi river flows – into the Gulf of Mexico
& she’s oiled up – & fucked up so thoroughly

how can there be romance – in times like ours?
we must have – picked just the wrong number
this baby ‘Romance’ – she don’t live here no more

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