Cream Filling in Some Old Chocolate Cake / D.R.W.C.A. for Bush’s second term 2005

If I were to call you names
you right wing conservative Americans – what would they be?
you who take it for granted that you are entitled to your power
by your constitution & your creed – &
that by the majority of votes gained for your phoniest ever government
you’ve legitimately installed
this your born again christian president wretch – for another four years
well – you’re at war – don’t you know you American people?

Your armies there on god’s side killin’ & piggin’
proving well what you can do unilaterally
showing off what you’re able to do unilaterally
swell in your prowess & military high tech – princes’ hubris
you’re gonna fall for sure unilaterally
& be smashin’ up in some real nice show

’Cause in the world of facts you’ll be reduced to the blues

They’ll go shakin’ you & stirrin’ you up so mightily here
sure enough gonna blow off your tops
you Dumb Right Wing Conservative Americans
but there won’t be I’m afraid so much help anymore

Even the greenest of them your young bright rebel kids
is givin’ you such a buncha some hard-core bad shit
it take you right down to your stinking rotten grave so you’ll be
just a cream fillin’ in some old chocolate cake
down dead guts you’re takin’ your way through the worms to the mud
I’m not gonna call you no more names but I know
America really is something else & I tell you:
it’s not just a bunch of shit!

Definitely America Must Be Resurrected!

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