sister rag

no answers to questions
still itching up your mind
no cheap mystery stories
out for sale
no phony old songs
for a few freaks n’all the rich kids
do I understand you’re
out there to get real
it’s not for those dirty
old tickets in your hands
and not for that
stench you exhale
no better time to be waiting for
no thanks and sure no pity
let me know just what you
want here to get real

hello there you global electric
this party’s all on fire
our bold flea market index
won’t conceal it
we’re in this gig for good son
come on you’re on a hire
now how much cash do you
need just to get real
old comrades of yours
they die hard keep on marching
‘ve been killed at least a
hundred a million of times
they’re claiming to be righteous
well I wont raise no big racket
let me know about when
you’re ready to get real

this mail has come in
from your sister to you
says her life sentence
carry on it your seal
goes on about your initials
says she’s showing
all these blisters
d’you need still a little
bit more help to get real

well let’s just ask our master ego
bloody old buccaneer
how much d’you expect
your final score to be
has true love ever
been counting booty
ever sent raiders
on their route hey
‘n’ are you the kind
she’s lived for to get real

come on why d’you make it hard now
y’could stop that crying shame
why don’t you give your
soul a chance to heal
has true love ever taken pay
or ever had soldiers on their way
or is she the one you’d’ve
died for to get real
dawn on the river
are you waking from this nightmare
let your woman be the one
who makes you feel
our lady is seasoned
n’you won’t miss anything
she gives you free what ever
you need man to be real

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