hardcore distractions

1       that lame bunch just wouldn’t
ever move their sad ass
they ain’t got no punch
they ain’t got no  class
those bums rot away there
delivery ‘bout nil              CH : we’re on hard core distractions
downright overkill & lies        3x

2       my dim bunch just couldn’t
ever tell shit from shit
would never understand the value of
some guts & some grit
would never roll out to
where the action gets wild                                               CH : 2x

3       my dull bunch just couldn’t
ever tell wheat from chaff
have no real clue
‘soon’s the action gets tough
they’ve caught the wrong train
their minds in a haze

rep: 1                                                             CH :1x

4    we can’t command spirit
wouldn’t have it on call
‘cause spirit may strike us or
not visit at all
we know when we’re licked &
response is near nil                                                          CH : 1x

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