Call On You (Angels)

1  congratulations – we’ve come really far boy
    open your eyes to – this world

    felicitations – we’ve done such a great job
    look at this mess that’s – our world

high expectations – we’ve been really so hot
look at how much we’ve – achieved

    future means nothing – unless we preserve one
    let’s get together – for good / 2: together let’s stand up for good

CH  :why don’t we care more – for anyone else but ourselves:

2  globalisation – means neo-lib vamp reign
    the poor and the plain folks – get drained

    smart politicians – serve big business’ fake needs
    in tacit collusion with its – sheer greed

slick corporations – erode human rights galore
now who dares confront them – and fight?

    our planet’s condition – they don’t give a damn for
    look at this shame that’s – our world

CH why don’t they care at all – for anything else but their gains
       why can’t they feel just – what pa-ain they bring down on life 

B: angels haven’t given up yet – calling on humanity                     
          they have never given up on you            
      angels aren’t giving up this star           

      angels haven’t given up yet – calling on this errant child
           they have never given up on you
      angels aren’t giving up this star                              rep 1


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