gulf romance

how can there be romance
in a world like ours?
where corruption’s all over
& any true concern
just ridiculed – our language degraded
to manipulation & deceit
perception all blurred – all slurred
all blinded by media
they’re drummin’ up the pitch
& what the pack’s supposed to yell
reality defined – by big business interest
& greed just – oh well
sheer vanity & havoc – & fuel
is the word here indeed
we’re lost in combustion
the party’s just brimming
so wars here & there
be our currency all too common
in this our bloody cut-throat deal

but no crooks’ triumph
over some other rogue’s doom
shall help us in the end – & our bet
we might place in this game
we better write it off – it’s lost …
so you tell me now
how can there be romance
in a world like this?
we must’ve picked just the wrong number
this baby don’t live here no more

& should we not – believe this – oh well
be sure – it’ll be called by its – right name – anyway
will show its true face – so we’ll see
these reptile-soul fellas
all over the place now – & in charge of power
in the name of the people even
& that sham be then called democracy
in our age of abundance
of ever growing sense of entitlement
with institutionalised distraction
from any duties based on ethics
yes this pack we see – get away with it
unchallenged – undisputed
plain matter of fact just
we better don’t argue too much
so they keep having their field days galore
go on to rake it in yes – in thegrandest style ever
& screw it all up – so swell in
their executive prowess there
those real live weapons – of mass destruction
& we keep learning all this on TV these days
& just the other night too
I’m sure that you know what I mean
you won’t need any dictionary
to have this mess explained
all too plain to see it is there
in the gulf – round the ole’Mississippi delta
so be sure it will be called by its right name:
our Lady America it is – & pimped down here so well
& all our clientele just – a tiny bit worried
but keep leering
& cheering along anyway
keep feeding those corporate fat cat pimps
& have them just lick us all over

if that kind of soul were bodily
(as our very times?) &
sufficiently – I say – in-corporated – conjured up
& captured – conveyed – in this one image
then Lady America’d go spreading her divine
(Republican? Democrat?) perfumed legs so
invitingly – we’d see some hot fuel business
(Southern?Texas?) twat itching
lewd belly a’dancing – horizons
& nipples there rippling
& creamy thighs stretching –
way out over these oil rigs – over these guns
& all the way over our boys too –
so far out over these gulfs
(of Mexico? or even Persian?)
& wiggling those heels – those toes go a-go-go
& the naked flesh – we see pulsating – glistening
& waves of husky laughter come blowin’ in (from you?
from Teheran?Jerusalem?Beijing too?) – would unlock
most un-inhibited forces (armies?the next war?modern love?)
& balling & flashing & splashing go
those oily hips – we see now
this (White House?Wall Street?Pentagon?us even?)
Lady America screwing

& all this would also – stand witness to
our most immaculate (Guantanamo?) statesmanship – as
we’re pimping (Abu Ghraib snuff?) to these drugged out
such hip & such cool (gasoline?telenews?) junkies
& this be the reason in the first place – why these killers in
the (Christian?Hebrew?Muslim?) name of (…)

I really don’t know what to call it … oh yes – I’m serious
I really (blowjob!) don’t know – why we
(democracy?kleptocracy?sheer lunacy?)
should wish to have these master terrorists round here
(in the?from the?Middle East – central Asia – Corporatia?)
& all this in the name of some sonufabitch (…)
& are we serious – Lady America? – to even just be
considerin’ we’d be on any (…’s) side?
& really? – all this in the name of (…)? – oh well …
now – in our news – once again
these pictures from the delta
oh yes – just the other (holy?unholy?) night too
so I’m sure that – you know what I mean
you won’t need – any dictionary for this one
I’m sure that it’s all plain to see
we’re oiling up – our Lady’s gulf – so lavishly
hey (…’s) own country – you land of the free
you get licked – all over in flesh now
& on (…’s) side
& we – we’re doing – our very best job in this game
spread these legs – far out over – horizons & oceans
we’re pimping our (American way of life?)
Lady so seasoned
to the planet-wide greed so successfully &
so irresistibly succulently too

how can there be romance – in a world like this?
you’ve picked the wrong number
you oil-drunken fools
this baby don’t live here no more

so fuel-driven still our deeds
we’re hooked & – we might
even try to fulfil some day
what those holy books &
their phoney prophecies – have laid out
most blood-drunken creeds in – the name of our (…)
& you tell me please – just when did we
last have any questions about that?
& have we ever truly ventured
in the name of this (…)
name of any (…)
name of some (…)
& are we really serious – to even just consider it?
so let alone mean it – that this be
in the name of the one (…)?
as if truth were merely – our privileges here
these pleasures – we crave for – we race for
& are ready to send – our soldiers
to fight for – to die for ?

I watched the news again
on TV – just the other night
now I’m sure that you know – what I’m talking about
we don’t need any dictionary so academic
for this kind – of hard core pornography
we’re so certain that it is
all plain to see – so easy to understand
so let’s have – a last look for now
at our Lady abused so pitifully
who’s reeling & getting it on so juicily
at the hands of these corporate pimps
down there at the seaside – round the delta
where the Mississippi river flows – into
the Gulf of Mexico
& she’s oiled up – & fucked up so thoroughly

how can there be romance – in times like ours?
we must have – picked just the wrong number
this baby – don’t live here no more


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