Party Train

get on get hey everyone here – don’t hesitate – you too my dear – get on
we’re lavish with loans n’ shares for you – so anyone ‘round can afford the fare
be welcome then here on board with us – we’ll vouch for the most luxurious ever
all heavy duty on n’on party train

c’mon let’s go – steam bold’n brazen – so mighty mighty proud ahead
way down these shiny iron rails
“The Great Western Privilege” this is with
money money money – money hallowed – hallowed be thy name

our catering aboard abounds extravagantly posh and rich
with electric sex and violence shows – n’drugs so lush for our burning itch
the night ahead’s alight so bright
with fireworks to our imperial entry

toot – toot – toot boy! – here we’re rolling down
“The Great Western Privilege” – look! – is goin’ to town
the night ahead there’s shakin’ to the thundrous
gun salutes and hymns to our grand arrival

or is that really – flash! bang! – just another bloody raid
cuttin’ slash’n burn right in there yes n’ blazin’ an open trail
convertin’ another horde of stubborn savages
into bowing and scraping railway corporate slaves who will

supply their share of treasures – their precious labour so cheap as well
to keep that grand old party train goin’ zooming on so swift and swell
our merry-go-round must rave n’ fly – must rock’n roll right on so high
this succulent feast just mustn’t ever – never in our lifetime end – oh no!

this classy train must flash so slick man – on n’ on and on – go go
we got to keep our happy-go-lucky fuel guzzlin’ revelry on the run – sing
la la la

that fabulous train must roar red hot man – on n’ on and on oh yep
this long night down to the hollers and cheers of dawn
la la la …

all this awesome beauty abused and drained
poor life on earth you’re sufferin’ so much dreadful pain
our oh so noble debauchery’s layin waste to it all
our party train is layin’ it all to waste
“but here there are all these … plants … animals … tribal cultures!
you mean … they’re all getting’ – extinct?!?“ – “so what!”
we’re watchin’ that radiant beauty scorched and slain
“The Great Western Privilege” layin’ waste to it all
all this awesome beauty torn and slain
poor life on earth suffering such dreadful pain
yes – once upon a time there were these …
and now … they’re all extinct … so it is!
just watch that radiant beauty scorched and slain
“The Great Western Privilege” layin’ waste to it all

stay on with us – hey everyone here – don’t hesitate – get it on dear friends
let none of these smart-ass green suckers no no – intimidate you n’ spoil us the fun
be strong’n stay high up on board of this – our god-ordained yes – oh lord yes so glorious
so indispensable on n’on party train

so don’t ye’ now waver – ride proud’n as brazen n’cocksure as ever – all smug on this train
yes you go the pace n’you keep the faith – in our solid capital iron rails
“The Great Western Privilege” here to sustain our non-stop orgy right through
this long long night – way down to the very last – mere cinders n’ smokes of dawn






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