Homeland Security? Well – for whom?

let’s insist now & let’s look at
your concern a bit better yes
& into your actions too
homeland security … well – whose home anyway
& land then too & security even
what’s your people’s homeland in our americas
& do you think it can be somebody’s in particular
well – what crimes against the red & the black
have been leading  to it being yours here in the first place
& in those africas & asias & australias theirs too?
homeland – it has been ours of course & always been such
& the same for whatever our colour
this planet has always been round hasn’t it
& we’ve all been venturing yes for the here & now truth
so how come you’re claiming to be elect boy
in any way over all the others out there
or entitled to any particular lands around here
& past anyone else’s legitimate claims everywhere

entitled to any of these treasures all around here
& around this our globe yes & they’re precious enough
& you’re claiming them with military power even
& all over the place now & oh so successfully too
entitled by some gospels & creeds you claim – but then
you’ve never cared about any real spirit have you – so what!
’cause look: it’s you who are sending all those enthused
& terribly abused young soldiers down to death too
but you see – well – I’m coming in here to enquire
& nothing is going to stop me in the end
your homeland has always been mine too yes
we know your lies pretty well & what may emerge true instead
so you go ahead messing in there boy
with military high-tech even supreme vanguard
& may be claiming to be elect &
entitled to it too in your vain propaganda

but to be homeland of yours truly & deserving any security
it would have to be something else – yes boy
& not even any birthright rooted down a few
generations here in these conquest histories might suffice
& not even nationalist peoples’ tall tales & all those
famous names & their heroic deeds would be enough
nor patriotic bombast & flags & hymns are
’cause over all it’s just crimes
for their plain greed yes – just & only
so if you can’t stand right up now & you tell us
some better story & right here & with all of it too – well
what just claims do you believe you will have then
& them all proving to truly be yours in this our inquiry?
’cause this planet has always been – or hasn’t it?
been round yes in fact & yours & mine …
now – how much of it are you gonna secure for yourself
in your geo-strategic shenanigans everywhere
with your wars & millions of innocent victims –
& what about their homelands then & their securities
you fucking sick US hard core slime?

: I’m not claiming it for anybody else in particular – but yes
I’m claiming it for you & me & in the name of us all :






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