propaganda tune (for US citizen Brown)

propaganda game wherever we’re looking so we’re settlin’ for that all out bull-&-fake diagnosis splendid glamour outright baloney ‘n general blindness in front of a millions a’blue screens with smoke n’ fog n’all dummie drummer blowin’ and spinnin’ with georgie U smile electric n’ with you & me patriots and the whole world full of … Read more

schall und pfupf katholisch & für buddha reformiert

und jedermannfrau eure eigenen cruxe! kalvarien und grinde koans dolorosas! shivas und rosenkränz! und ob wir das nicht alles doch besser hinter uns lassen sollten fragt ausgerechnet ihr und gerade jetzt?! also wisst ihr genau, was hier angesprochen wird!?! aber gerade die am schwersten verwundeten verwerfen am entschiedensten diese allgemein-narkose diesen ach so hilflosen und … Read more

Brother Con (that the money cometh)

It’s gotten so much better these days  n‘ I see that you are what they want you to be n’ you toeing the line upfront n‘ gettin‘ along  fine n‘ it’s gotten much better these days now I see it’s gotten so much better these days can‘t you see Brother Con So why provoke questions … Read more

hardcore distractions

1       that lame bunch just wouldn’t ever move their sad ass they ain’t got no punch they ain’t got no  class those bums rot away there delivery ‘bout nil              CH : we’re on hard core distractions downright overkill & lies        3x 2       my dim bunch just couldn’t ever tell shit from shit would never understand … Read more

sister rag

no answers to questions still itching up your mind no cheap mystery stories out for sale no phony old songs for a few freaks n’all the rich kids do I understand you’re out there to get real it’s not for those dirty old tickets in your hands and not for that stench you exhale no … Read more