bitter creeds

2004 – 2023

bitter creeds & bloody duties
bitter creeds for those monster gods
bloody deeds for cruel demons run havoc off the leash
innocent life extinct just because of your criminal schemes
your rotten clerics and your blind fanatics leering
tell you to do your duty – tell you to go out and kill
but this is not for allah
this is not for jah
this can’t be for any god boy
this is just the devil’s seeds
can you hear the old bastard laugh

don’t wanna be exclusive – man
don’t wanna be out myself
but being in sure don’t feel so good
this is just the devil’s seeds

how dare I speak up from behind the lines
from a world called the first in our bold times
where even a loudmouth may easily survive
how dare I call out to you children of love

yet there’s one thing I’ll always be sure of
murder and hate will never prevail
can never become the voice of any god
can never ever be the order for me

another child of hate blowing up
another step away from any hope
and god even further away
where did it get lost that new day
where did it get lost that promised land
are you settlers in zion of some holy creed
or just harbingers of some bloody hell indeed

but for the living soul and body
we want to stand up and speak out
for the living human spirit
come out here and speak out loud

not for those bitter creeds ’n’ bloody duties, no no no

speak out there for the living spirit
and better speak up for good
for the living soul and body
and may we be blessed by some god

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