southern deals and live flowers (for billie)

you’re showing us all those incredible faces
the ones that make us enjoy
your flowers & your smiles
& some that will make us
all break down & cry
& some that might make us
go crazy there even
& some’d make us live
real hard here & now
& some would even make us
from our soul sing out loud
& we couldn’t stay all dirt dry
& deaf & dumb anymore
would have to sing a live flower
& each & every day yes before
a live flower every day until
we ‘ve got to leave & drop & die

southern dealt country
have they ever tried to really listen
to their very own daughters
& to the lessons all there to be learned
from you & your them there eyes ‘cause
we can’t help laughing & crying
& it’s true that we just have to
yes you’re really delivering it all there
oh it’s everything just free for which they
had been pressing & killing and maiming even
through all these bloodstained years
but we can’t help laughing and crying woman
really I know that you know what I mean
as we’re just startin’ to enjoy all your love yes
& all your real life’s true heavy weight
‘cause you make us all go crazy woman yes
& you will get us to live really hard
& we can’t stay so dirt dry
& deaf & dumb anymore yes
so dirt dry & deaf & dumb
we’ll just have to come out here
& get down to your real magic yes
& get down there for good man
& finally get to dig your jive
so we’ve got to come home now
& better just face this our present day
& dare to experience it for real yes
& it’s just a rockbottom dirty groove hey
& truely come all home here & admit
to all our faces & we wouldn’t have to hide
not even a single one of them
we would have to neglect
so be them then all those
that really make us all laugh
& even some that will go
& make us all break down & cry
or some will just stand up there &
be straightening it out for good
& with that I just must be counting all
these murderously ugly & so godfucking mean
you son of a rockbottom dirty world:
these outrageously hellish southern deals

but most of all woman & we just have to
be really clear & all frank there
we want to woman truely thank you yes
for there finally making us feel
we want to thank you woman yes
for these soul flowers every day
we want to get down & thank you yes
& you know that now we just must be sincere
true soul flowers every day oh yes &
you’re helping them to really shine up all alive
every single new day now before we have
to leave & drop & die & say good bye
we want to thank you woman for
finally making us feel yes … alive …
every single new day alive … alive … alive
before we got to go & drop & die man: ALIVE !
every day until we got to go
and say good bye : ALIVE !


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