oh my sacred love

oh my sacred love what have I done
the more I come to understand
the more all hopes a mere quicksand
can such a score ever be reconciled at all
can such a record be pardoned
can I ever be weighed & measured hey you
oh love sacred & be forgiven at all

oh my love what have I done to you

hey loudmouth
your files show bloodshed & ruins
your feelings god may save
your secrets lost to gamblers
they’ll cheer around your grave
hey loudmouth
your verse a screaming nightmare
your soul boy god may save
your secrets wasted to hustlers
they’re cheering on your grave
hey loudmouth
oh agonies & fires
oh ashes a deadly toll
your secrets lost to gangsters
they’ll keep cheering on love’s grave

oh my love what have I done to you
oh my love just what have I done
if there you are dear providence – well
I must say I don’t appreciate you very much
& this is definitely an understatement of some sort
’cause god what have you done to my love
not in my most outrageous dreams
not in my most horrible nightmares
could I have imagined yes
such cunning
nor such punishment indeed
such bloody mistreatment & torture
& almost murder & slaughter
of sacred love
oh god
if you
still dare
calling this
if there you are providence
whose love is this anyway
& should I really be the one
to ask this:
what have I done to my sacred love


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