Homeland Security? Well – for whom? let’s insist now & let’s look at your concern a bit better yes & into your actions too homeland security … well – whose home anyway & land then too & security even what’s your people’s homeland in our americas & do you think it can be somebody’s in particular well – what crimes … Read more

World’s Flag

our world’s flag’s just a bloody rag our world’s flag’s a bloody rag will we ever stand up in this our lifetime get together stand up and change it to the better ‘cause world’s flag is a bloody rag can you feel the urgency emergency about to explode? am I the bomb or has it … Read more

uncle sam’s new deal

most everywhere sure there’d be trouble about the deal with me with uncle sam & I’m gettin’ in & I’m shufflin’ up the mob boy be them rogues but they got to be mine most everywhere there’d be trouble my rogues’ve turned cross eyed on me & I’m goin’ in & I mess’em up for good boy you … Read more

Call On You

1 congratulations – we’ve come really far boy open your eyes to this world felicitations – we’ve done such a great job look at this mess that’s our world high expectations – we’ve been really so hot look at how much we’ve achieved future means nothing unless we preserve one let’s get together for good … Read more

sich kümmern um no future

sag schert es uns ’nen dreck – oder was? ‘no future’ heisst es doch warum denn kümmerten WIR uns ja WIR – sag mir – sind WIR denn doch & wenn überhaupt – noch irgendwo … um irgendwen … um irgendwas … sag DU … noch irgendwie bekümmert? sodass wir kümmern würden uns – ‘no future’ … Read more